Wind/Weather Loss:

    If there’s a storm brewing, keep up with its progress through local news or weather channels. If you are told to evacuate or take cover, do it! Protect yourself by taking these steps:
    • Secure all glass openings (windows, sunroof) to limit additional damages
    • Make sure outdoor furniture and fixtures and all vehicles are brought in to prevent them from being damaged
    • Stay away from glass windows and doors and seek refuge in an interior room with no windows
    • Avoid using electrical appliances
    • Take care of your pets: A storm can be a frightening experience, and they could injure themselves or injure you if panicked • Do not light candles or lanterns – they could get blown over causing a fire
    • Never go out during the storm – flying debris can cause severe injuries
    • After the storm clears, and you come out, beware of downed power lines and gas leaks
    • Stay away from heavily damaged areas. Listen to your radio for instructions