Fire Loss

    A fire in your home is probably one of the worst disasters that could strike, especially if it threatens the lives of your loved ones. You can count on us to help you get things back to normal as quickly as possible.
    • If you smell smoke or see flames, get everyone out of the building immediately. Remember:
      • The air is clearer near the floor
      • Get down on your hands and knees and crawl to an exit
      • Close doors to slow the spread of smoke and flames
      • Agree on a meeting place, go there and “take attendance” to be sure that no one is left inside the building
    • Call the fire department!
      • Phone from outside the building and give the complete address. Don’t hang up until you’re told to do so.
      • Be sure no one goes back inside for any reason
      • Tell the fire department if anyone is trapped inside the building
    • Secure the premises, but don't take any risks e.g., attempting to cut the power to avoid further damages
      • For minor damage, air out smoky rooms
      • Make a list of damaged items and the damages to your home
      • Take photos of the damage


    • Equip your home with smoke detectors. If they are well located and maintained, they can save your life. Clean them regularly and replace the batteries twice a year (in March and November, when clocks are reset).
    • Equip your home with a fire alarm system connected to a remote monitoring centre.
    • Place one or more fire extinguishers in locations that all family members can access easily and be sure you know how to use them properly.
    • Be careful when using cooking oil.
    • Clean cooking surfaces, walls and the range hood regularly, as grease deposits can catch fire easily.