Auto Coverage

We value a smooth ride…

Whether it’s driving to the office, to the next field or getting the kids to soccer, making sure you have the protection you need to keep you on the road is what Ontario Mutuals do.

When you insure with West Elgin Mutual, you’re placing your trust in a neighbour – someone who lives in your community and drives the same roads that you do.  When accidents happen on that tricky stretch of road, or near that certain busy intersection – we can relate.  We’re familiar with the driving conditions you face each and every day.

Our Auto Insurance Program provides you with many options: 

  • Higher accident benefit limits if you prefer added protection over the standard limits
  • Protection Plus – an option that lets you take advantage of your safe driving record
  • Emergency road service of up to $50 per emergency
  • Transportation replacement – to keep you going, even when your vehicle is out of service because of an insured loss
  • Rental vehicle liability insurance - so you no longer have to buy coverage sold by the rental agency

Great ways to save money with West Elgin Mutual

We can make your insurance as affordable as possible with coverages that take advantage of your excellent driving record.

  • Insure your home, condominium unit or farm residence with us and you may be eligible to save on your auto policy premiums. 
  • A discount may apply to your private passenger auto policy if you are retired or over the age of 65.
  • You may be eligible for savings on your private passenger auto if you’ve been with us for three consecutive years.
  • A discount may apply if you have an approved after-market theft deterrent system installed by an approved installation facility.
  • You may be eligible for a discount if you have winter tires on your auto.
  • A Trailmaster discount is available for motorized snow vehicles provided all operators are 40 years of age or over and have been accident and claims free for the last six years.

Our service is there when you need it. 

Whatever your situation – whether it’s an auto claim, an accident with a snowmobile or damage to your pleasure craft – our goal is to get your vehicle repaired and returned to you as quickly as possible with swift, detailed claims service that treats you like a neighbour. Not a number.

With the strength of West Elgin Mutual and the Ontario Mutuals behind you, you can get on with what’s important – living!