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    During these very unusual times WE Mutual remains available for our policyholders to respond to their claims needs and provide access to their agents for advice all while protecting our employees and ensuring WE Mutual is around for another 140 years.

    WE Mutual will work with our clients who are facing difficulty paying their insurance.  Please connect with your agent to explain your situation.  We are waiving fees for NSF payments and for rescheduling payments.  We are prepared to work out solutions with you to arrange extra time to pay your premium.

    Make sure your agent is aware of any changes in driving habits, particularly if you are no longer driving to work, or perhaps have even parked your car.  This can be an immediate savings on your auto insurance premiums and we will make that effective on the date you stopped driving to work.

    We continue to work with our business partners to uncover any other opportunities to reduce rate during this unprecedented time.  As always, your agent is your best advisor in all matters related to insurance.  Please keep them informed so their advice can best fit your situation.


    Brian Downie

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